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Magnesium Butter

"I had to start using mine only at night. The kind of sleep where you don't even barely need to make the bed cuz you didn't move."
"Ok, so I sleep really good last night. If it's the magnesium cream, I'm in love. I've used magnesium creams in the past but this was soooo much better."
"Your magnesium products may be one of my top three items in my life. I cramp, A LOT, and magnesium relaxes it."
"I tried the MNAM magnesium last night! I love it! It helped reduce swelling and pain in my feet & knees. A home run!"

Hair Oil

"That hair oil was the best detangler I've ever used."
"I'm obsessed with this hair oil. It has been so long since I've been able to brush my hair this easily."
"That hair serum seriously works! I have been using it in my hair for about 2 months and I have baby hair!"
"Your product wins by a LONG shot. Makes the beard softer and far easier to comb through. I honestly tried everything and nothing comes close. Well done." 

Tallow Butters

"Life changing update = tallow butters are the ONLY products that do not aggravate my rosacea! It has been such a struggle to find something to keep my skin moisturized that doesn't trigger the redness. I'm so thankful for these products!"
OMG I am so in love with it! I don't want to be without it. I have never had anything so silky, like butter."
"The minute I put it on I could tell a difference from anything else I've tried." 

Best sellers


Welcome to CL3AN FREAK!

I'm Kristin, an Air Force Veteran, Air Force wife, and Momma of 5. I make clean and natural tallow skin and hair products by hand to promote healing from the outside in.
I believe that healthy products are important for overall well-being, and mine are designed to help you achieve just that, using only quality natural ingredients to create safe, effective and nourishing products for your skin and hair.
I'm committed to raising health and beauty standards while raising awareness of Batten disease: a rare, terminal illness my fourth child was diagnosed with.​ CL3AN is a nod to CLN3, the type of Batten disease he has. I donate a portion of all sales to BDSRA to research a cure.
I'm passionate about these products and this mission.
Thank you for considering CL3AN FREAK for your natural skin and hair care needs and for fighting this fight with me. 

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