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Clean, natural, cancer-free, toxin-free, free from hormone-altering chemicals, no white marks on your clothes or crumbling chunks, and it actually works! I've personally ran the gamut with natural deodorants and never experienced an efficacy like this. Not only does it prevent odor, but it provides countless benefits courtesy of the miracle oil: magnesium. Transdermal, or topical, magnesium application benefits include:

Reduced: body odor, aches and pains, headaches and migraines, muscle cramps, and kidney stones.

Improved: sleep, skin, metabolic function, ability to calm and relax, blood pressure, and digestion.

Most people are magnesium deficient. Topical application can help restore your body to healthy levels. Those who are deficient often experience a tingling sensation when applying magnesium to the skin. This goes away after a few moments and improves when your levels are in a healthy range. This magnesium spray includes castor oil and olive oil to help ease the sensation while nourishing the skin.

Created to serve as an underarm deodorant, but safe for all over use.

Deodorizing Body Mist

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